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We teach you how to be self reliant on the water and save money by fixing things yourself.

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We are passionate about technical systems on boats since the 1970s (at least one of us) and we have a mission

We offer the internet's most profound knowledge on
boat mechanics and electrics.

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By now, over 1,200 students have taken our first two courses on marine electrical systems: Boat Electrics 101, covering marine DC systems and Advanced Marine Electrics, covering a large variety of advanced topics.

We received more positive feedback than we could ever have imagined! This motivates us even more to keep working on great courses, articles and videos. Our next project will be a course on Marine Diesel Engines.

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What students say about us

Learning with you in 2022 has been a highlight of the year for me

Jonathan Mastin

I'm so thankful for you guys and all the hard work you put into sharing your knowledge with us. Learning with you in 2022 has been a highlight of the year for me.

An evolving learning platform

Miro Peternelj

Having access to up-to-date materials on Boat Electrics is very handy for someone who deals with small boat design, like me. The best part of the whole course is that it actually isn't only a course, but it is an evolving learning platform.

I now understand all the electrical systems and how everything works together.

Bob Russell S/V Spartina

I want to let you know how impressed I was with the BoatHowTo course!!
From the very basics, through creating a detailed circuit diagrams of the electrical systems on my boat, my knowledge is years ahead of where I thought it would be at this point.
Thanks for a wonderful, extremely useful (and fun) course that takes a lot of the mystery out of sailboat electrical systems!!

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Note: This post is slight “off topic”, but we still want to let you know about this unique opportunity to get a fully outfitted cruising boat in perfect condition that includes many of the state-of-the-art features we discuss in our electrical courses. Even if you are not interested in buying the boat, the text below contains

Nigel Calder’s ‘Nada’ for sale

If you want to complement your Marine Electrical online education with hands-on training,  Nigel is organizing a second in-person training event in Maine in 2024, following the success of fully booked event in April. Seminar Dates:October 29th & 30thin Portland, ME For Details & Registration, Click Here. See the press release below: A Deep Dive

In-Person Seminars with Nigel Calder

Save the date! Nigel and Jan will teach two two-part online classes with the American Sailing Association (ASA). The first class on March 12 and 14 will be on TROUBLE FREE & OPTIMIZED ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS. The second class on DIESEL ENGINE FUNDAMENTALS will take place on April 9th and 23rd. If you can’t participate live,

Online Classes with American Sailing Association

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