Dock Talk with Nigel Calder

BoatHowTo co-founder Nigel Calder has joined Jeff Cote from Pacific Yacht Systems on his YouTube channel to discuss lithium batteries, grounding systems, lightning strikes, high output alternators, a new solar panel and an exciting new development in lead-acid battery technology.

Check out the two parts of the interview below:

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Jan C. Athenstädt

Jan runs KlabauterKiste, the German online magazine for boatowners and Klabauter-Shop, an online shop for boat electrics.

He holds a PhD in computer science and loves to teach people new skills. He is responsible for running the BoatHowTo website and will guide you through most of the courses.

Jan lives aboard his Malö 39 ahora and is currently sailing the Med.

  • Big fan of Nigel Calder for over 25 years, have all his books, incredible resource, but it was Jeff Cote’s free series of Marine How-To seminars that actually taught me how much I don’t know and brought me here. I’m a Power Utility Control Technician so I know my way around Power Systems. The resource that you both provide is very needed in the marine industry because this “Get away with” attitude is dangerous. It also drives good people and potential customers that bring the costs associated with boating down by economies of scale away from the industry. Bravo to you both, I will subscribe and use your services on the outfitting of my new Catamaran for live-aboard on retirement in 3 1/2 years ?

    • Larry, thanks for your kind words. A core problem we have with marine electrical systems is that there are numerous ‘wrinkles’ that are not the same as in household electrical, and which if not understood can lead to performance, safety and corrosion problems. Unfortunately, there are very few places anyone can go to learn how to do these installations correctly. I often see mistakes on even new boats direct from the boatbuilder. BoatHowTo is our attempt to bridge this knowledge gap. Nigel

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