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Are you a professional in the boating industry? Do you want to prove the skills you learned in our Marine Electrical Courses to your (future) employers? Or do you want to earn CEUs to fulfill continuous education requirements?

We have now got you covered with a certification option for our Boat Electrics 101 and Advanced Marine Electrics programs. Check out the FAQ below to learn more.

Why we decided to offer certificates for our marine electrical programs

When we created our first marine electrical course, Boat Electrics 101, we mainly had recreational boatowners in mind. But as the word spread about the quality and in-depthness of our program, we got more and more companies and marine surveyors signing up for our courses. This trend has only increased, now that we also offer an Advanced Marine Electrics education and have teamed up with the NorthWest School for Wooden Boatbuilding (NWSWB).

We are very excited about this development, and we hope that this will eventually lead to an increasing awareness of the importance of safe and reliable electrical installations in the industry.

With an increased number of boating professionals among our students, we received more and more requests for people to have a way to demonstrate their new skills to potential employers. So we decided to offer certification for the courses as an optional add-on.

If you successfully complete either our Boat Electrics 101 or our Advanced Marine Electrics course, you will get a personalized certificate that can be digitally verified. The requirement for certification is completing all lessons in the course and scoring at least 80% in the quizzes.

This is what the certificate looks like. You can click on the image to download the sample PDF

Certification for new students:

If you are new to our programs, you can simply choose the option for certification at the checkout for our courses: Boat Electrics 101, Advanced Marine Electrics or the Marine Electrics Bundle offer.

Certification for existing students:

You can also sign up for the certification process if you already have access to one (or both) of our courses. In this case, your existing progress will count towards the certificate and you just have to do the quizzes that you did not successfully complete yet: 

FAQ about the Certification

What do I need to do to get a certificate?

After signing up for a course and the certification option, you need to complete all lessons and get at least an 80% score in each end-of-module quiz. Once you have done that, write us an email and we issue your personalized certificate.

Is the certificate a paper copy?

No. You will receive the certificate is a digital PDF with a QR-code that contains a verification link. This serves as digital proof of authenticity, and whoever scans the code can verify that the certificate is valid.

How much does this cost?

In addition to the regular course fees, we charge an additional certification fee of $99 for each course.

Where is the course certificate recognized? 

With an increasing number of boatyards signing up their employees for our courses, we are confident that most employers are valuing our courses as an asset to their (future) employees.
For marine surveyors, we award 19 Continuous Education Units (CEUs) for each of our courses. For now, these units are accepted by both by NAMSGlobal and SAMS.
If there is another organization you would like to acquire CEUs for, let us know and we will get in touch with them.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

About the author 

Jan C. Athenstädt

Jan runs KlabauterKiste, the German online magazine for boatowners and Klabauter-Shop, an online shop for boat electrics.

He holds a PhD in computer science and loves to teach people new skills. He is responsible for running the BoatHowTo website and will guide you through most of the courses.

Jan lives aboard his Malö 39 ahora and is currently sailing the Med.

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