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A quick welcome and introduction of your teachers and a few words on who this course is for and what to expect.

Get an overview on the contents of this course and the underlying standards.

In this lesson we will cover some dangers and necessary safety precautions to keep in mind before working on your system.

  • I’ve gone through this course at least twice now, and it’s great. I’ve made comments on a couple of lessons, and clicked the “subscribe to comments” button, but even if I received a reply on a question, I’ve not been notified and only find the response when I go back to the comments I made. Is this subscribe function not working, or am I misunderstanding what it is supposed to do?

    • Glenn,
      Thanks for your message. This is strange, you should indeed be notified via email if someone replies to your comment. I changed a setting in the backend that might have fixed it. So in case you get a notification of this answer, please let me know. Otherwise I will dig into the issue a bit more.
      P.S.: Thanks for the compliment on the course!

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